SpeechCraft defines the Speech Enabled Internet

Stockholm, Sweden 2001-04-23 SpeechCraft launched, today, its platform for X-modal (cross modal) Internet Access. The platform allows for the simultaneous access of data by Web and telephone or VOIP. In addition, a voice channel to Web services allows access from all telephones even when Internet access is not available, making access to Web services truly ubiquitous.


The input of data by voice is often more effective than alternative interfaces. Text and graphics, however, are often superior for the presentation of data. SpeechCraft's new platform allows for the combination of input of data by voice together with the simultaneous presentation of data through graphic and audio interfaces.


X-modal user interface is particularly useful in the input/output of data for terminals lacking a keyboard. This includes pen tablets, and PDAs and PDA-telephone hybrids. If an Internet terminal is not available, the X-modal service may be accessed by telephone alone.

Telephony Telephone Audio
Telephony + WEB Telephone, Keyboard, Touchscreen, mouse Audio, Graphic
VOIP + WEB Headset, Keyboard, Touchscreen, mouse Audio, Graphic
WEB WEB Graphic


The current platform is based on a client/server system. The client uses an Internet browser and optionally VOIP client (such as Microsoft's NetMeeting). The server software is built in Java and utilizes speech recognition software from Nuance Communications.